“Sachidanand Prabhu Param Krupadu Parmeshwar Tame
Din Dayadu Vishambhar. Om Om Om.”


This mantra was given by our Pujya Bapu.

Pujya Trikamji Bapu was born in the village of Kunvadar, near Porbandar in 1920 on Saatam Sudh in the month of Posh (January). His father’s name was Haridas and his mother’s name was Laachbai.  He had one elder brother. On his birth, he was predicted to be a “son like a Rushi” and his father even before seeing his son’s face, wanted him to be a very religious noble priest and that of Rana Sahib, the King of Porbandar. He wanted the entire world to bow to his son and think well of him.

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia