History of Our Samaj

Shri Bardai Brahmin Samaj Northamptonshire (SBBSN), was originally established in the early 1980’s. The aim of the Samaj was to preserve and promote our culture and tradition so that our future generations would not lose their self identity.

As we all know, our settlement in this country started in 1960’s. Some Brahmins came from our homeland India, whilst others came from East African countries. Initially, the numbers settled were very small. However, in 1972 when Asians in Uganda were given 90-days’ notice to leave, a greater number of families came to settle in the UK, not only from Uganda but also from Kenya and Tanzania. Most of our community settled in either London or Leicester. Whilst, others in Birmingham, Northampton and Southampton.

It was in the early years of 1980’s, when a group of active Bardai Brahmins in Northamptonshire got together with the view to celebrate some of our festivals. During the first couple of meetings, the Samaj met in a tiny ‘mobile cabin’ as there was only handful of people that came.  As the meetings and programmes became more frequent the number of people wanting to come grew. So the functions of the Samaj were held in larger venues.

The spirit of the community helped to aspire the Samaj and its members from there onwards. Each year, an Annual General Meeting was held where elections for the forthcoming year took place to elect a new Management Committee.

During the course of these early years, our Samaj’s Managing Committees organised various functions throughout the year and the Samaj continued to expand in terms of its members. During these formative years the Samaj received tremendous support from all the families in Northamptonshire. This is how the present Shri Bardai Brahmin Samaj Northamptonshire (SBBSN) was formed.

Now that we have a Samaj which is built on a strong foundation, it will be up to all of us to provide necessary support and encouragement for the future development of the Samaj. For any activity, be it social, culture or religious, its maintenance and its success depends on the support of its members. Therefore, we as an elected Committee urge you all to maintain an active interest in the affairs of our Samaj.

We, the Committee, are constantly seeking ways of improving our Samaj and to ensure its progress. Your feedback, suggestions and new ideas are valuable to the new Committee and we would encourage you to contact the Committee concerning any matters of interest or concern.